Welcome to Macon Medical, a friendly medical center where your health is our top priority. Here, we provide excellent care for the the treatment of Allergies, Sleep Disturbance, Pain Management & Medication Management.

Pain Management
Our physicians meet the requirements set forth by the Georgia Composite State Medical Board for the medical management of pain medicine.

Food Sensitivity Testing
If you suffer from weight gain & obesity, chronic fatigue, migraines, arthritis, fibromyalgia, joint pain, or muscle weakness there is a 95 % chance that you suffer from food sensitivities.

Most of the foods we eat today have been genetically altered which can cause sickness. We are exposed to such things as steroid, environmental chemicals, molds and food additives.

Allergy Testing & Immunotherapy
Allergy testing for airborne allergies consists of several small scratches on the skin with small samples of possible allergens.

If you are allergic to an allergen, your skin will react with a small red splotch and possible a small bump on the skin. This usually subsides very quickly.

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Meet our Doctors

Ademola Opanuga, MD

Dr. Opanuga received his Bachelors degree in biology from the University of Georgia. He then completed medical school at Morehouse School of Medicine. He completed an internship in General Surgery followed by a residency in Family Medicine at the Atlanta Medical Center.


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New Patient Paperwork
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Sleep Apnea Screening Form
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Basic Allergy Questionnaire
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